NorSea Logistic – Stordbase

NorSea Stordbase has in 1981 had activities within logistics, base services, terminal and port services and has developed a high level of knowledge and expertise, in close cooperation with companies that supply equipment and services to the oil and gas industry in the North Sea. In addition, Stordbase has acquired expertise in renewable energy through the Hywind Scotland Pilot Park.

Subshore has since 2013 had a close and developing collaboration with Stordbase. In this cooperation, we give Stordbase flexibility in access to special workers and professional operators, which ensures Stordbase’s competitiveness and implementation capacity, especially in relation to the assignments that a project-specialized terminal and port service must have. 

Our main activities and services in cooperation with NorSea:

  • Skilled workers and special workers in warehousing, logistics, supply services and fabrication
  • Framework agreement on courses and training, both documented and certified
  • Tailor-made in-house courses
  • Own training program in collaboration with NorSea Logistic to increase science competence

At Subshore, we greatly appreciate all collaborations that have a common understanding that we become better together. A common understanding that we all have expertise that can be used to make each other good.

With this as the desired and agreed basic principles in the cooperation between us and NorSea, we are proud that together we still challenge each other, with the goal of becoming better, working even safer, safeguarding the need for increased environmental aspect and sustainability in everything we do, and that we continue to create value internally and externally.



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