The Subshore School

Our goal is to become the region’s preferred and safe choice as a competence partner.

We will at all times further develop through a focus on continuous improvement. This also includes improvements based on feedback from our course participants. Our goal is to ensure high quality of course content, implementation and training, in order to stand behind our motto;

– a safe choice for a safer working day

All our training, be it both documented training and certified training, shall be carried out by training instructors, and with training plans that have been extended in relation to the minimum that is standardized and required by law.

All our instructors have undergone specially certified instructor training in all the courses they are responsible for. They have education in pedagogy and have undergone their own external instructor courses with passed exams, in all courses the Subshore School offers. In addition, all course content containing elements of crane and lifting has been expanded and quality assured by our expert inspector on cranes and lifting devices.

This means that we also always have practice on courses you may otherwise find that only theoretical training. For example, fall protection, where we have prepared a separate practice module, to familiarize course participants with equipment and special situations that contain elements of danger.

For hot work, the instructors are trained and approved through their own approval scheme at the Norwegian Fire Protection Association.

All certified and documented training takes place according to training plans prepared and approved by Noorsi, LSI and KTF (Crane Technical Association). This ensures that the training is in accordance with the industry’s strictest guidelines and gives our course participants a guarantee for high-quality content. Our courses will give you the best conditions for working safer, handling equipment and vehicles in a responsible manner and thus achieving a safer working day. At the same time, our courses also place high demands on you as a course participant, where vigilance, commitment and being “swell present” during the courses are a necessity in order to pass the exam, both theory and practice, with which all our courses end.

This is the way we work and should work.

The training methodology and our internal requirements will ensure that we are at the forefront of the changes we are all affected by. Be it framework conditions and requirements set by regulations, legislative authorities, the requirements set by the various industries our course participants work in, or the requirements we set for each other to avoid injuries, accidents, and emissions to the environment.

This is our way of ensuring that courses through the Subshore School will be a safe choice for you as a course participant. A safe choice for a safer working day.

This is our commitment to all course participants in the Subshore School.


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