Decommissioning Services

Subshore has over several years built up expertise in service and services within recycling of offshore installations. As a subcontractor and partner to the largest Norwegian players in removal and recycling projects, we now possess unique expertise and capacity in this area.

We hold Central Approval as a contractor in the field of demolition and ecological recovery. In addition, we are approved asbestos activities via the Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority, for both external and internal work.

We have also developed an emission-free and completely environmentally friendly way of removing scale / norm in casing, etc., for the rapidly growing market for plugging and abandonment (Well P&A) of wells offshore. If this is a relevant area for your company, please contact us for a presentation and full-scale demonstration of our method and equipment.

Our personnel are available for most phases of a recycling process offshore and onshore. We have experience from EDC (removal of hazardous waste, hydrocarbons and chemicals) as well as preparation for removal offshore where our purpose-built induction zeniths expose cut zones, in a cost-effective way.

In addition, we have extensive experience from the actual recycling phase of the offshore structures on land, where we have a large capacity of experienced special workers as well as various equipment that can be used to achieve the greatest possible environmentally friendly recycling, in the most cost-effective way. Our specialists have the necessary certifications and approvals for work with hazardous waste such as asbestos and radioactive material. We have our own radiation protection officer in Subshore, who ensures that the choice of methods and securing the work is carried out in a satisfactory and safe manner. Furthermore, the personnel have experience with all phases and methods within the disposal part of the recycling. Thermal cutting, operators, front running, norm removal, safe removal of structural parts containing asbestos/fibers, as well as cleaning of pipes for easier removal.

We can also undertake major work with asbestos in other parts of the industry. Major renovations of buildings, removal of asbestos-containing pipes in the ground, etc. Feel free to contact us if you would like an inspection or assistance in any of your projects.

Our Services

  • Dry cleaning of pipes
  • Asbestos removal
  • Oil removal/drainage of systems
  • Pipe cleaning (flushing)
  • Removal of hazardous waste
  • Removal of low-level radioactive deposits in carbon-carrying equipment (LRA) using flushing/dry ice blasting/hydrocleaning
  • Removal of all types of surface treatment using induction/hydrocleaning/dry ice blasting
  • Cutting structures using plasma cutters and lance burners (map)
  • Rigging and crane routing
  • Mapping of hazardous waste
  • Engineering and burn-down planning.
  • Labor management
  • HSE inspectors
  • Radiation protection coordinator


Our Services


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