Leirvik is one of the major industrial locomotives we have in Sunnhordland, with a history dating back to 1946.

Subshore supports Leirvik with flexible staffing solutions, courses and training, engineering, as well as professionals offshore.

Leirvik assists us from our resources within the following disciplines:

  • Sheet metalwork
  • Welding, including aluminum
  • Scaffolding and rig
  • Mechanical
  • Insulation
  • Painting and surface work
  • HVAC
  • Electro
  • Preservation
  • Warehousing and logistics
  • Engineers, on-site and in-house

Leirvik has gone from rebuilding and repairing boats, from fishing vessels and cargo ships to living quarters, and from steel to aluminum, to now using that expertise to win new business areas such as aquaculture, infrastructure, and offshore wind.

All collaborations that challenge us beyond providing our support through the established service areas we have with us are communities we aspire to work under.

Leirvik gives us these challenges, and it creates a dynamic that provides a good basis for creating a culture of employee-driven innovation in ourselves.

And with Leirvik AS’s declaration of “Proud traditions, rigs for the future”, we look forward to a long and continued good cooperation with Leirvik.


Leirvik AS


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General Manager
+47 917 44 100

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