For Renevo, Subshore has contributed to the planning and construction of the world’s most innovative biogas plant. Subshore has had design and execution responsibility for all Renevo’s buildings. In addition, we have assisted with other engineering as well as installation and commissioning at the processing plant of the factory.

All steel for buildings and other equipment is prefabricated by ourselves through Subshore Lithuania, and then delivered and assembled at Stord.

Renevo will produce Bio-LNG, Bio-CO2 and Biofertilizer in its factory. Technology from Norwegian Antec Biogas and French Cryo-Pur is used in the plant, and Subshore has built up unique expertise through this project. We look forward to contributing to the work on new establishments at Renevo.

Subshore has contributed the following resources and services to Renevo

  • Engineering
  • Detail engineering
  • Prefabrication of steel, steel buildings and equipment foundations
  • All installation and completion of halls and buildings
  • Installation works of process equipment
  • Commissioning
  • Pipework (prefab as well as site run)
  • Electro
  • Welding
  • Insulation and surface

Renevo’s plant produces 60 GWh lbg (Liquefied Biogas), in addition to biofertilizer and Bio-CO2. The factory combines state-of-the-art process and digital technology and represents the most advanced and sustainable in the production of these products. Production is based on 55,000 tons of substrate, 77% from local farmers and 23% from the aquaculture industry. Here, the circular bioeconomy is cultivated, where waste streams from other industries are utilized as a valuable resource, while effectively subtracting emissions from several value chains.

Through this, the factory achieves a total emission accounting that is lower than zero, with the formidable result of a reduction of as much as 143%.

We at Subshore are particularly proud to have been allowed to take part in developing and implementing this project.

Feel free to contact us if you see an opportunity for us to solve your ideas or projects together.

We are a team composed of expertise and experience from many different areas and will be happy to assist if possible.





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