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Periodic inspection of cranes and lifting equipment

Subshore has competence category S1 and independence type A and performs periodic inspection of work equipment for all land-based activities, ships and offshore.

We can assist all types of companies with expert control, including labelling, documentation and certification in accordance with applicable regulations and standards, such as the Machinery Regulations, NORSOK, DNV, ILO, ISO, etc.

Requirement for periodic expert inspection

Pursuant to Regulation No. 1357, Performance of Work, there is a requirement for periodic expert inspection of work equipment, such as cranes and lifting equipment, forklifts, passenger lifts, mass moving machines, hengestillas, construction site elevators and stage/studio equipment.

Expert inspection of work equipment shall be carried out:

  • Every 12 months
  • When the work equipment has not been in use for the last 6 months and it may endanger life or health when it is to be used again
  • When, due to the environment in which the work equipment is placed, more frequent inspections are required
  • When the work equipment has been subjected to significant overload, and after major repairs or alterations.

Inspection of ladders and racks

We carry out periodic inspections of ladders and racks as required by authorities and applicable standards for the equipment and document findings with images.

This applies to both expert control of studio and stage rigs and control in accordance with the Internal Control Regulations.

To ensure the safety of users, periodic checks are required.
We offer periodic checks, service agreements and repairs.

We are approved expert activities in the following control groups for work equipment: See overview

Full control with Onix

We use ONIX, an online database where all certificates, usage certificates and technical documents are recorded/stored. This provides immediate access to data and makes it easier to comply with regulatory requirements for documentation, as well as avoid the use of defective equipment.

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