Sustainability and environmental commitments

The world is facing major climate and societal challenges with overuse of resources. Sustainability and environmental commitments are therefore crucial and form the basis of Subshore's entire business model.

As a company, we have identified the opportunity to influence as many as 12 of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. In order for our organization to realistically be able to influence as broadly as possible, we have therefore put all the goals into an annual cycle, where we continuously work with 2 specific sustainability goals at a time, which then change every two years.

This gives us as an organization the best conditions for being able to process all the areas where we have identified that our behavior change will contribute in a positive direction.

Sustainability is a fundamental and guiding principle for all Subshore activities. For us, sustainability means having a holistic approach to all issues related to the environment, economy and social conditions. By connecting and safeguarding all three of these areas, we create sustainable societal values through responsible and green growth.

Our environmental footprint shall be continuously minimized through measures that contribute to reducing emissions and energy and resource consumption. We will work purposefully to equalize social differences and contribute to a good and inclusive society, where everyone’s rights are fulfilled and given an opportunity to influence their own lives and the society they are a part of.

We will always work together and develop sustainable solutions together with our suppliers and partners. We believe that we can achieve a sustainable everyday life faster and better through close dialogue with all our partners – a dialogue where together we focus on the necessary innovation processes that develop and provide us with the right sustainable solutions.

Subshore’s overall sustainability goals:

Goal 3: Ensure good health and promote quality of life for all, regardless of age

At Subshore, maintaining health and safety is our highest priority. This applies to our employees, customers and suppliers. Our vision is that no one gets injured at work. Subshore’s core values, “Care”, contain clear requirements and expectations for how we, together with our partners, will build and promote a culture that facilitates achieving this vision. This is the bedrock for ensuring everyone in and around us a safe working day that promotes good health and social quality of life.

Goal 4: Ensure inclusive, equitable and quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all

The Subshore School has established its own introductory programme for children and young people, where they receive training in parts of Subshore’s course programme. In addition to subject-related courses, the program has its own section on social responsibility, in line with Subshore’s values “Care”. Through the introduction programme, we want to inspire good and fair learning for all, as well as increase curiosity for technical and vocational subjects for the future.

Goal 5: Achieve gender equality and the independence of all women and girls

Subshore has always worked continuously to achieve an even gender balance in senior positions, and the management of Subshore today has such a balance. In the various services we provide, we always seek to promote gender equality – and have more women in male-dominated vocational subjects. We also facilitate the promotion of women in senior positions when our employees are working with our partners and offer leadership courses to increase women’s opportunities to achieve positions as a supervisor or bass.

Goal 7: Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy

Subshore builds, upgrades and adopts new technology both to develop sustainable energy production for others and to be able to use sustainable energy services in our own operations. We are helping to increase energy efficiency, and by 2022 we will only use renewable energy in all our buildings – which includes offices, workshops and training centers. Biogas is used for heating, thermal energy from biogas production, as well as electricity from combined heat and power production using raw methane (biogas).

Goal 8: Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full employment and decent work for all

At Subshore, we have a great diversity among our employees. We value the principle of equal pay for equal work, and ensure correct, fair and good conditions in an industry that is not always equally accountable and good in this area. We will always work systematically to achieve our high standards for a socially safe and non-discriminatory working environment. We want a working environment that stimulates increased understanding and desire for good conditions for all, which in turn facilitates sustainable growth and stable earnings for Subshore.

Goal 9: Build solid infrastructure and promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and innovation

Subshore is constantly working to develop and restructure parts of our business flows to become a more sustainable company. We do this through a more efficient use of resources and increased use of clean and environmentally friendly forms of technology and industrial processes. Among other things, we have developed our own environmentally friendly method for using induction heat in metal recycling. We have also developed zero-emission technology for industrial corrosion work, where we clean surfaces with dry ice produced by captured and upgraded CO2 from local biogas production.

Goal 10: Reduce inequality within and between countries

Many of Subshore’s activities require large staffing over shorter and longer periods of time. This means that we have the opportunity to open the labor market to a large number of different jobseekers, from several different countries. In this way, we contribute to including and integrating people into society and into employment, people who might otherwise have had a greater challenge in accessing the labor market. In this way, we help promote social and economic inclusion, regardless of age, gender, race, national origin, etc.

Goal 12: Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

Subshore works systematically to reduce our own and our partners’ environmental impact, as well as achieve an efficient and sustainable use of our common natural resources. We further develop technical solutions and work methodologies to achieve the goal of a 100% recycling rate on materials and installations, in close cooperation with our partners. In order to achieve our goals, we also influence through management and requirements for the procurement of goods and services.

Goal 13: Act immediately to combat climate change and its impacts

Subshore sees the need for immediate action to combat climate change and its impacts and has therefore set a strategic goal in our environmental plan to achieve a reduction of over 50% in CO2 equivalents from our activities by 2026.

Goal 14: Conserve and use the oceans and marine resources in a way that promotes sustainable development

Subshore works both directly and indirectly to reduce and prevent marine pollution from land-based activities. Through the implementation of new technical solutions and work methodologies, especially in our activities within decommissioning and environmental remediation, we work systematically to reduce our use of chemicals.

Goal 16: Promote peaceful and inclusive societies to ensure sustainable development, ensure access to justice for all, and build well-functioning, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels

Subshore is committed to conducting our business with the highest degree of integrity and has a very strict policy and zero tolerance for all forms of corruption and bribery. Through our agreements, we commit external parties to follow the same rules and procedures for anti-corruption and anti-bribery as we do. We do not pay for facilitation, and we do not allow external parties acting on our behalf to do so, even where permitted by law.

Goal 17: Strengthen the instruments needed to carry out the work and renew global partnerships for sustainable development

Subshore works to develop as good local cooperation as possible, as we clearly believe that local cooperation on common goals is just as important as global cooperation to achieve the UN’s objectives. It is therefore important for Subshore that we also include and collaborate on the SDGs in all our collaborations, with a common ambition for the greatest possible and comprehensive goal achievement. Therefore, we encourage and take the initiative to include sustainability in our cooperation with employees, customers, suppliers, interest organizations, authorities, clubs and associations.