Identity and Community involvement

We have in our vision, and further rooted in our values, that we will try to make a difference in the local community, and that caring on a general basis should be in the backbone of everyone in our company.
“You’re not skilled if you can’t use your skill to make others skilled too!”

This is made visible through “bother” and our postulates, which we work daily to fulfill.

  • stay positive
  • support others
  • take the initiative
  • share knowledge
  • give recognition

We are particularly concerned about children and young people in the sponsorship partnership we are involved in.

And we are concerned about the person within us, and the fundamental values that matter when we together build a warm, inclusive and strong society.

We also want to build sustainable societies, now and for those who come after us. Our sustainability goals express the requirements we must live up to in ourselves, and we are looking for the same values in those we want to work with.

We are therefore looking for those people, those teams, and those organizations, who go to great lengths to make each other good, those who help build good teams, and who help realize the zero-emission society.

“You’re not skilled if you can’t use your skill to make others skilled too!”

The Robot Club – learning through play

New technological changes will have a significant impact on how we will learn in the future. These changes will also change how we prepare children and young people to succeed. For our schools, it is our honest opinion that it is important to transition from focusing on knowledge learning, to focusing on multiple skills, so that we also end up building confidence in the learning itself. Engaging, practical and playful learning is one of the ways teachers can help children achieve this goal. Therefore, one of the most important foundations of the robot club culture is that we will facilitate building confidence in those who participate in our club, through the following principles:

Discovery: We explore new knowledge and ideas.
Innovation: We use creativity and perseverance to solve problems.
Impact: We use what we learn to improve the world.
Inclusion: We respect each other and embrace our differences.
Teamwork: We are stronger when we work together.
Fun: We’re having fun!


Read more about Robotklubben here.

«Bry deg»-filmene våre

Feel free to take the time to watch our “bother” films, to become more familiar with our values. After watching the films, you may want to tell us a story that you have and that can help inspire us in our work going forward. Or maybe you have, or get, an idea of how you, your team or your organization can work with us at Subshore, to achieve a common goal, where together we make a difference in the local community.

See also the film, “Det friviljuge hjartet”, about the importance of volunteering and why business and volunteerism are crucial for each other. Without volunteerism, we do not create a desire to live and stay, which are fundamental factors for a good, safe and inclusive society.


We strongly believe that the winners of the future in business, as well as in life in general, are those who are able to build good teams. Those who are able to put us and us, in front of me and mine. We’d love to hear from you if you and/or your team/organization have plans that will help meet one or more of the following goals;

  • to contribute to the realization of the zero-emission society
  • achieving stronger team building
  • to develop or strengthen the community for children and young people at Stord and Fitjar by providing security, creating opportunities, including, achieving equality and being supportive and unifying adults

If this is a goal that your team or organization also has, please contact us using the form on this page. Together we can make a difference.

See photos from people, clubs and associations we collaborate with