The collaboration with Alltec Services is both innovative and exciting.

We support Alltec with professionals in special welding, assembly and installation as well as electrical engineering.

Our first project together is the construction of the world’s first full-scale test center for green energy carriers.

The Sustainable Energy Catapult Centre with partners invested NOK 200 million in the world’s first full-scale test center for new fuel carriers such as hydrogen, ammonia and biogas.

High-voltage solutions have also been installed in the center to support the testing of the various energy carriers.

Subshore contributes the following services to the Test Center:

  • Special Welders
  • Pipe assembly and installation work
  • Electrical installation
  • Mechanical work
  • Engineering Services

In addition, we support Alltec in general with resources, onshore and offshore, within

  • Electro
  • Mechanical work
  • Pipes and HVAC
  • Testing and cleaning of piping systems



Alltec Services


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