The future of energy will be built from industrial expertise

Subshore has strong roots in the local industrial expertise that over the years has been central to the delivery of services and solutions to several important projects in the offshore, oil and gas industry.

Based at Stord, but with employees from many countries, we have amassed a diverse competence base that we are proud of. We experience that this expertise is becoming more and more in demand for renewable projects,” says entrepreneur Atle Wigum.

Our philosophy is simple. We will, through our expertise and flexible solutions, provide implementation power for projects with our customers. We genuinely believe in making each other good, and through interaction we will strengthen both implementation ability and goal achievement, while facilitating the best working environment. With this as strength, it was exciting when RENEVO wanted to have us involved in building a biogas factory that could create a paradigm shift within the biogas industry. RENEVO aims to develop biogas plants that industrialize this industry. This is a unique opportunity for us to contribute our expertise to the realization of a future-oriented vision, with such a strong footprint for society,” he says.

In principle, the construction of industrial buildings and facilities for onshore facilities is nothing new to us. Creating holistic facilities where process technologies characterize the plant when optimizing land use – is an important and correct way of thinking, to minimize the footprint, and has been an exciting part of the overall project. The facilities are efficiently integrated with the daily logistics of raw materials and substrate delivery, which is central to a well-functioning biogas plant.

Multidiscipline solutions for project implementation

Solid project execution is at the very core of value creation from projects. Subshore has delivered flexible competence solutions to the biogas plant within a variety of disciplines for the entire plant, including assembly of equipment, tanks and components. In addition, Subshore has been responsible for the design, strength calculation, prefabrication, and assembly of all the halls in our biogas plant. Subshore’s fabrication and streamlined assembly have allowed us to tailor our needs and operations, but still at a very competitive price.

Industrial competence a prerequisite for the green shift

In order to realise ambitious climate targets, we are dependent on energy production being scaled up industrially and ambitious energy projects being realised. Through our contribution to the development and implementation of RENEVO’s project, we have no doubt that industrial expertise is a prerequisite for the green shift. RENEVO’s biogas plant sets a new standard for how biogas plants should be built and industrialized. It has been an exciting journey to contribute to the realization of this, and we of course hope that RENEVO will use our services and knowledge also in the future, on its implementation of additional facilities, both nationally and internationally concludes Wigum.