Function: Ingen

The subject area includes the design of the building’s total stability during construction and in use, and dimensioning of load-bearing elements, including foundations, walls, columns, decks and roof structures. The load-bearing system shall be dimensioned for standard loads, natural stresses and accident loads.

The approval area also includes the preparation of any investigations regarding the need for security measures when constructing and using the measure.

The approval area also includes the design of demolition.

Measure class 2

Design of structural safety of new or modification of existing measures such as building, construction or stand-alone construction in reliability class 2 in accordance with NS-EN 1990 +NA and fire class 2 and 3 in accordance with building regulations, where dimensioning takes place according to linear calculation models. The dimensioning takes place according to recognised calculation methods using reliable data for soil conditions and products, and is based on standard loads and natural stresses.

Examples of measures in this class may be:

  • apartment buildings, office, business and school buildings (up to and including 5th floor)
  • medium-sized changes to existing buildings in action classes 2 and 3 that entail changes in construction
  • medium-sized outdoor stands, bridges (up to 50 m span) and high towers (over 40 m in height)