Function: Projecting
Development class: 2

Architectural design of buildings, facilities or structures includes architectural design of new or modification of existing measures, where requirements for visual qualities, functional and environmental conditions, as well as the complexity and/or adaptation needs of the building to the surroundings are decisive for determining the class of measures. The task also includes the preparation of a site plan with the location of the project on the site, and the design of outdoor areas including roads and parking spaces, as well as universal design (UU) of outdoor areas and floor plans in the building.

Action class 2

Architectural design of buildings in areas of a certain density (townhouses, chain houses, etc.), and other buildings up to 5,000 m2 BRA with simple architectural design requirements. The approval area also includes changes to existing structures where the construction itself represents a certain architectural or cultural value.

The approval area includes simple design within the following disciplines in accordance with the Building Regulations:

  • building physics (indoor climate, energy efficiency and moisture protection including wet room design)
  • sound ratio
  • safety in the event of fire where the design is based on the performance of the Building Regulations with guidance

Examples of architectural design in action class 2 can be:

  • apartment buildings, office, business and school buildings (up to 5 floors)
  • large outdoor stands, bridges and medium-high towers